Festivals in cities and villages

Various outdoor activities

During the summer season there are festivals everywhere in the area, which you can enjoy together with the local residents.

You can undertake many outdoor activities in the area. Here are some examples.

The ‘Ecopista do Dão‘ is a beautiful cycling route of 47 km along the route of a former railway line between Viseu and Santa Comba Dão.

A little further south you can take a wonderful kayak trip on the Rio Mondego with ‘O Pioneiro‘.

Racing enthusiasts can go karting at the ‘Kartódromo‘ in Vila Nova de Paiva.

In the ‘Parque Crónicas da Terra‘ near Moimenta da Beira you can do various outdoor activities, such as ziplining, climbing a climbing wall and conquering a high-altitude course.

Further north, ‘Pena Aventura‘ offers a variety of options for adventurous activities.

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